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Make The Right Call

Baseball is a game of inches, and often the human element comes into play. GSOA umpires are trained to make the right call. We instill an attitude of confidence. However, we also preach to our officials to be fair. Let us know if we can help your association.
  • Well trained officials
  • Background checks
  • Work with associations
  • Provide Baseball tournament officials
  • Professional attitude
We believe that to be an effective umpire, one must possess a love and passion for the game. Georgia Sports Officials Association (GSOA) believes every player, coach, parent, and venue deserves the very best in sports officiating. That's why we take the time to provide the highest quality training, including rules, mechanics, philosophy and attitude. GSOA Umpires have confidence in calling a great game every time we take the baseball field.
Through innovative training, recruiting, mentor programs, exceptional service and experiences, superb execution, trusting relationships and community spirit, GSOA's goal is to be the premiere umpire association of North Georgia.
Our vision is for GSOA officials to achieve greater satisfaction, safety, wellness and respect. The progress of officials and the officiating profession directly impacts sports in a positive manner.
We value humility, skill building, education and knowledge. Continuous learning, both professionally and personally, leads to enlightenment and empowerment and in-turn, allowing GSOA to place well rounded, mature individuals on a ball field.

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